Perhaps one of the most sacred and traditional elements of martial arts training is the act of rewarding the most committed practitioners with the martial arts belt. When studying martial arts, your body and mind become capable of things they weren’t able to do before. This level of dedication and self-awareness is often celebrated with leveled belts, with color depending on the discipline—in-addition to the skill level achieved. The color indicates skill with black being the highest level of achievement and awarded to only those who have trained to a very high level in the art and have proven worthy of its decoration. The use of a martial arts belt to award yourself or your students evokes a great since of pride and achievement in dedicating so much to the art form. For many, the chase to achieve the next belt level is a great source of motivation and will-power to move forward.

Century offers belts for any system including custom belts, Kung Fu sashes, specialty black belts and youth belts. Many of our belts are made on-site at our Oklahoma City headquarters, and by employees who are themselves martial artists and understand the significance of the belt.

In addition to belts, Century carries belt stripes in many colors and designs. These stick-on stripes are a great way to reward achievements in between belt levels. Our metallic medals are great for schools hosting tournaments, or instructors wanting to give special recognition to outstanding students. Personalized belt displays are a great gift to any martial artist as well as a good way to showcase the hard work one has put into following the path of martial arts.

Shop at Century to find a variety of different colored belts, patches, medals and achievement stripes. Our products are great for teachers providing belts to their students or new individuals on the journey to improve their status. Century Martial Arts has the gear you need to recognize and reward those on their difficult but highly rewarding martial arts journey.

achievement belt display